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Thursday May 1, 2014 “Opening Night”:

Two Shorts and “Coffee, Kill Boss”

6:45pm Check Please
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After a relaxing evening out to dinner, two prideful men battle over who gets to pay the check.
3110304 Sneak Peak at the animation free kids program shown on May 2, 2014 at 11:00am at the Bridge of Life.

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7:00pm Coffee, Kill Boss
CKB_SETSTILL8 Today, top management has gathered at headquarters to await an offer of acquisition that will make them each rich beyond their dreams–and divorce Henry once and for all from the business his grandfather started 80 years earlier.The day starts badly when Walt Ford is found hanging from a noose in the boardroom. When management elects to ignore the suicide until their deal has closed, the decision sends the entire office into a death spiral of finger pointing, deal-making, prophetic PowerPoint presentations and gruesome murders. Those left alive must work together to find a killer before the killer finds them.

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Not yet rated. This film contains strong language and adult content.


Bridge of Life

10:00am High School Program
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  • Jahela!
  • Stutter Student
  • Perfect Man
  • The Line Snapped
  • Black Rock Creek
  • Hard Land of Wonder
  • Alone Together
  • High School Students’ Films
2:00pm Tipping Point, Eye See You
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Buy TicketMovie-Night
Sean Callebs travels the Amazon from Macapa to Manaus, Altamira and Parauapebas to reveal the people and the ecosystem that supports them and to answer the question- Can the Amazon survive economic success?

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5:00pm Shorts 4
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  • Tokyo Halloween Night
  • Ghost of a Smile
  • Great
  • Information Thief
  • Last 40 Miles
  • Ephesians


Love is a Verb

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Buy TicketLoveisaverb
Love Is A Verb is an examination of a social movement of Sufi inspired Sunni Muslims that began in Turkey in the l960s and now reaches across the globe. The group is called Hizmet, the Turkish word for service or The Gulen Movement after its inspiration, leader and beloved teacher Fethullah Gulen, a man that Time Magazine named as one of the most influential leaders in the world in 2013.As it is explained to us in the film by Marcia Hermansen, Director of the Islamic World Studies, Loyola University of Chicago: This movement is not about individual enlightenment, this is about making the world a better place. But while making the world a better place, at the same time, this altruism is also transformative.

Academy Theater

12noon Shorts 1
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  • Adults
  • Amanece
  • Deliver Us From Evil
  • Called to Serve
  • Wacked!

Strong language and adult content in some films.

1:40pm Shorts 2
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Buy Ticket3179525
  • Into the Silent Sea
  • If We Were Adults
  • Devils Damned to Try
  • Pain Staking
  • Out to Lunch

Strong language and adult content in some films.

3:30pm Shorts 3
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  • Sheltered Love
  • Perfect Day
  • Open House
  • Last Day of Summer
  • Six Months Later
  • Journal

Strong language and adult content in some films.



5:30pm Shorts 5
Buy tickets for day filmBuy TicketThe Ephesian2
  • Being Doug
  • The Phone Call
  • Retirement
  • Information Thief
  • Retirement
  • There is No God and We All Die Alone
  • Baseball Card
  • Cordially Invited
  • Derivative
  • Perfect Man

Strong language and adult themes in some films.

7:30pm Seven Deadly Words
Evening TicketBuy TicketYouHaveNoIdea2 Inspired by actual events, this Docudrama follows the community and the congregation of Egypt Valley Church as they try to overcome the Seven Deadly Words: ‘We’ve never done it that way before.’ The church is out of funds and out of touch with the community. New pastor Evan Bennett sets out to change things for the better with the help of some folks in and out of the church.But there’s a problem… The Haman Family has been running things a long time, and they don’t like change. When their control and ministry comes under scrutiny, the Hamans decide to fight back. Evan and his family soon learn how far one family is willing to go to preserve the Status quo.

Watch Trailer Here.

Family friendly film.



Saturday May 2, 2014

Bridge of Life

11:00am Shorts 6
Kids are Free3110304
  • Blue
  • Green Acres
  • Rabbit and Deer
  • Fog and Courage
  • Baxter
  • Babls

Family friendly event.

1:35pm Transforming Loss
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Buy TicketTL_5
Suffering loss and going through grief is a part of the human experience. There’s not one of us who will skate through life without having to cope with losing someone close to us.But sometimes that loss is sudden and horrifying. How can someone possibly climb back out of that pit of grief?That’s the question addressed in a new documentary called “Transforming Loss.” In it, we meet six Michigan families who have managed to triumph, transform, and grow, despite indescribable heartbreak. And they have lessons for each of us.

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3:15pm Sacred Lands & Wounded Lives: Whispers of Antietam
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Buy Ticket1461245
The environmental damage occasioned by war and preparation for war is routinely underestimated, under reported, even ignored.  In Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives we witness the unprecedented scale of environmental damage over the last half century.  We discover that the environment remains war’s ‘silent casualty.’

5:00pm Shorts 8
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Buy Ticket3131079
  • Birthday Gift
  • Drops of Smoke
  • Flytrap
  • Fun City
  • Tree Without a Root
  • Out to Lunch
  • The Line Snapped

Academy Theater

1:00pm Know How
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A film written and acted by foster care youth ripped from the stories of their lives. Five youth’s worlds interweave as they confront loss, heartbreak, and come of age in this tale about transience and perseverance. Addie struggles to graduate from high school while her best friend Marie loses her grandmother. Megan copes with being taken from her abusive family and faces the harsh reality of living in a residential treatment center. All the while Eva works to be mother to her sister while their father falls deeper into a crack addiction. Finally, there’s Austin who’s living on the street with his brother; barely able to feed himself. All of them must decide to survive or else fall victim to a broken system.

Not yet rated. Strong Language. Adult content.

3:15pm Shorts 8
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Buy TicketZombieCasserole-Poster
  • Zombie Casserole
  • No one but Lydia
  • Neitzsche Ate Here
  • Audition
  • Beyond the Door
  • Hard Land of Wonder

Adult content and strong language in some films.

5:15pm Doomsdays
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Dirty Fred (Justin Rice) and Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick) are free-wheeling squatters with a taste for off-season vacation homes in the Catskills. Their commitment to the lifestyle is challenged, however, when a runaway teen and an aimless young woman join their ranks. Watch TrailerNot yet rated. Adult Content and strong language.
7:00pm Backseat
Evening Ticket
Buy Ticket3111233
A feature length coming of age story about high school love, punk rock, and hemorrhoids.

Watch Trailer Here

Not yet rated. Adult content and strong language.

8:40pm Awards
 555080_10151836475441521_179665005_n Awards will follow immediately after the last screening. After party will take place following the awards.


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