Waynesboro, Pa. film screened during the Maryland International Film Festival

At the end of the red carpet, behind the step-and-repeat banner where celebrities pose for photo-ops, stood the three filmmakers.

Hands in pockets, a calmness in their expressions, one of the filmmakers turned to his right and asked who was the man in the jacket who stepped from the limousine earlier, walked the red carpet and posed for pictures before the banner.

“That was Ron Maxwell, the director of ‘Gods and Generals,’” said Tom Riford, president and chief executive officer of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The trio — William Derrick, his brother, Thomas Derrick, and friend Mitch Walck — are known as Indiendo Productions of Waynesboro, Pa.

Just like Maxwell, they came to the Leitersburg Cinemas Friday to screen a film in the Maryland International Film Festival.

But where Maxwell’s “Gods and Generals” has been hailed as one of the longest films in history and took 10 years to create, Indiendo’s “Machine Room” was scheduled Friday in Shorts Session No. 6 and took the trio since about April to produce, they said.

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